Kirjoituksia Thaimaasta

How to Get Thailand's Tourist Visa Extension

This is my first post in English. I mainly write posts in Finnish but now i have decided to write sometimes in English too. My blog is about living in Thailand. I recently applied for tourist visa extension in Chiang Mai immigration office. You can have 30 days extension for tourist visa. This is short story what you should do if you are also applying for extension.

Go to the immigration office as early as possible. The office opens at 8.30 but go there much earlier because there will be lots of other customers too. Write your name on the queue list or take line number. You must have a copy of your passport’s information page, copy of your tourist visa and a passport photograph. The extension costs 1900 baht. There are copy and photography service near the office but i suggest that you get the copies and photos before you go to the office.

You have to fill an application form for the extension. Fill your name, information, passport information and address in Thailand. Hotel address is enough. You also have to fill the reason why you want extension. If you write traveling, it should be OK. You have to provide your thai phone number or email address. Fill the form before it’s your turn to go to meet the officer.

After all the papers are ready, just wait for your turn. Give the papers to an officer. Officer makes sure that your papers are fine. After officers have dealt with your paper they will give you back your passport with visa extension stamp. You are ready to go and continue your stay in Thailand for 30 days more.